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E-Commerce Audit

Our E-Commerce Audit experts will review your online store, and give you the complete status of your account & areas of improvement, which will give you an enhanced conversion rates.

E-Commerce Consulting

Understanding your business model & giving analytics & market planning which will be resulting in profitable last in growth online.

E-Commerce Solution

One stop End-to-End E-Commerce solution for Branding, Marketing ,Managing, Accounting.

Our Awesome Features

Marketplace Registration

Registering your account on your desired marketplaces, all the documents will be verified by professionals.

Managing Customer Feedback

Tie customer feedback programs to business outcomes. Collect and manage customer feedback in a centralized system. Get executive buy-in and internal support.

Inventory Management

Online Inventory management was never so easy. Whenever they want, all the vendors can see and update their inventory, pricing, pending Purchase Orders, Receipts, etc. Communicating correct inventory level real time to all channels and allocating inventory to orders are too important to be done manually.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse inventory tracking system lets you check your warehouse stocks in real-time and receives notification when a specific item's stock level reaches below the safety stock level, multiple warehouses and sophisticated enough to handle complexities in the changing Indian e-commerce scene.


Cataloging is the process of listing your products. It covers quantity, type, specifications, price and detailed descriptions of the products you want to sell.

Handling Customer Messages

Stay calm. Acknowledge the problem. By repeating to the customer what you think you heard, you lower his or her defenses and win the right to be heard.

Return Management

Returns management is a critical supply chain management process that requires planning and effective execution across the firms in the supply chain. Effective implementation of returns management enables executives to identify productivity improvement opportunities.

Sales Reconciliation

Check to make sure that you have no out of balance in your receivables, invoices for a customer within that report it would be misleading and not show a clear total for your receivables, which in turn would be led to an out of balance on that report.

Product Photography

Showcasing your product properly to a customer is key to success. E-commerce photography or product photo shoot have a big role in your business sales growth. Your product images are the first point of contact with a customer.

Daily Order Management

We’ve taken special care to keep a balance of simplicity and powerful features.Assign Appropriate Access Based on Need and Expertise. Complete the Approval Process. Track Maintenance Inventory Diligently


Suggest participation in marketplace campaigns for sales increase Talk to the marketplaces to get client-specific deals to push sales up Maintain healthy relations with marketplaces managers to keep your products on top-of-the shelf Digital Marketing, Inorganic, and Organic Marketing.

 What is Selvitate?

Selvitate is an end-to-end e-commerce solution that helps you start selling online.

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